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10 Things Homebuyers Instantly Notice About Your House that Turns them Off

Thinking of selling your home? If so, you need to read this. As a real estate agent, I’ve noticed that there are certain things that homebuyers immediately notice when they walk into a house or as they approach it. Getting the first impression right is important because a bad one can easily turn off potential buyers. Trust me, I experienced many times when buyers I’ve accompanied decided against entering a house or cut their viewing short due to something they noticed about the house! Here are things potential homebuyers instantly notice about your house. 

1. Front Lawn

The appearance of your front lawn plays an important role in making a good impression on potential homebuyers. As one of the first things they see, any weeds, overgrown grass, or clutter will be immediately noticeable to them. 

In fact, if they see these issues, it might even turn them off so much that they will turn around and decide not to look inside your house!

Things Home Buyers Notice About Your Home

2. Front Porch

Just like your front lawn, your front porch is one of the first things a potential buyer will notice. The moment they lay eyes on your home, they begin assessing and judging to see if it’s a home they want to live in. 

Make sure your front porch is inviting. Avoid leaving clutter on the front porch, make sure all the furniture is in good condition, and ensure that your front porch looks appealing.

3. Roof and Siding

Make sure your roof and siding are in tip-top shape. Especially the roof and siding in the front of the house since that is visible to homebuyers the moment they walk up to your home. 

Make sure the siding is clean and well-maintained. If it looks worn out, give it a good power wash or a fresh coat of paint to give your home a new look. Your roof should also look good, with no green algae, plants, or missing shingles. 

It’s important to make your roof and siding look well-maintained since they are among the first things homebuyers notice about your house. The last thing you want is for them to walk away without even seeing the inside of your house!

4. The Smell of Your House

The first thing potential homebuyers will notice when they enter your house is the smell. Make sure there is no whiff of bad odor! 

Open the windows and air out your house a few hours before your open house and before any viewing. You don’t want to make a bad impression and turn off potential homebuyers because your house has a bad smell!

Things Home Buyers Notice About Your Home

5. Natural Light

One of the first things homebuyers will notice when they walk into your house is how much natural light your house gets. Most homebuyers want a bright and airy home that gets good light. 

Before any viewings or open houses, make sure you open all curtains and shades and turn on all the lights in your house. This simple action instantly makes your home feel bright, creating a welcoming atmosphere. 

If there’s a large bush or tree blocking natural light into your home, it might be worth trimming or removing to allow more light in.

6. Clutter

When potential homebuyers enter your house, the first thing they notice is clutter. It’s important to tidy up and keep things out of sight as much as possible. 

Clear surfaces are essential – remove small appliances and cereal boxes from your kitchen counter, make sure your dining table and coffee table are free of clutter, keep shoes and slippers out of the front foyer, and remove any stuffed animals from the bed.

It’s natural to have clutter, especially when you’re still living in the house. The best way to eliminate visible clutter is to go around your house and start boxing up things that are cluttering the floor and table surfaces. Store these items in your garage or a separate storage location. This way, your home will appear uncluttered.

7. Dirty Dishes

One of the first things potential homebuyers will notice when they walk into your kitchen are the dirty dishes. Instead of admiring your kitchen, they’ll be distracted by the dirty dishes in the sink, the greasy frying pan on the stove, or the cereal bowl left on the counter. 

Take the time to put away dirty dishes before any open houses or viewings. You don’t want dirty dishes to distract homebuyers from the beauty of your kitchen.

8. Pets

One of the first things homebuyers will notice when they are in your house is any signs of pets. They will see the pet toys lying around, the dog bed, or the dog bowl. 

Some homebuyers will be turned off by the fact that you have a pet and will not want to buy your house because of that. To appeal to a wider range of potential buyers, I suggest hiding any signs of pets in your house. 

9. Dirty Bathrooms

Dirty bathrooms are one of the first things potential homebuyers notice. Towels on the floor, overflowing laundry baskets, and hair in the tub can easily turn off potential home buyers. It gives them a bad impression of your home. 

Instead, make sure your bathroom is as tidy as a freshly cleaned hotel bathroom. Put everything away, keep the countertop clutter-free, and make sure the tub looks clean. 

10. Photos, Diplomas and Awards

One of the first things homebuyers will notice when they walk into your house are your photos. They will naturally gravitate to photos of you and your family. As well as other personal items like diplomas and awards. 

People are naturally curious, so when they see personal items, they will want to snoop around. The problem with this is instead of focusing on your house, they end up paying more attention to your photos and personal items. It’s too distracting! It’s best to put away all photos, diplomas, and personal items. Check out my article on 12 Items to Never Leave Out at an Open House.

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