Where Does Rihanna Live

Where Does Rihanna Live with Baby and A$AP Rocky?

That epic reveal of Rihanna’s pregnancy during the halftime Superbowl show made me officially a big Rihanna fan. If you’re like me, I’ve been online stalking Rihanna! Reading every juicy story about Rihanna- the youngest self-made billionaire! She’s only 34 years old! The big question in my mind is I want to know where Rihanna lives with baby and rapper, A$AP Rocky. Not surprisingly, Rihanna lives in many homes. Let’s take a peek into Rihanna’s homes!

Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills

Rihanna’s Beverly Hills Home

Rihanna owns 2 adjacent houses in Beverly Hills, CA. One home is a 7600 square foot mansion that she purchased for $13.8 million and then she snapped up her next door neighbor’s 3600 square foot home for $10 million. The first home is a beautiful, contemporary 5 bedroom, 7 bath mansion with open floor plans, a cabana, an open-air gym, a media room, and a gourmet kitchen. The second home is smaller with only 4 bedrooms and it’s a Tudor style home with a pool in the backyard. The result is a mega-mansion in Beverly Hills with 2 swimming pools, 9 bedrooms, almost an acre of land, and more than 11,000 square feet of living space! Giving Rihanna plenty of space for her baby and baby number two! 

Rihanna’s Century City Penthouse

Rihanna also owns a penthouse in the exclusive condominium building, The Century. The Century is a 42 story luxury high rise with a 75 foot pool and private cabanas in Century City, a neighborhood in Los Angeles. It’s an ultra high security condominium building that attracts high profile celebrities like Candy Spelling, Matthew Perry and Paula Abdul because it’s good at protecting residents from the paparazzi. Rihanna and her famous neighbors enjoy maximum privacy, they even have private elevators!

Los Angeles
Los Angeles

Rihanna’s Los Angeles Condo

Rihanna also owns a small 2000 square foot condo in Los Angeles that she purchased for less than $1 million. I think this is Rihanna’s pied-a-terre in Los Angeles! I guess if I was Rihanna, security and privacy would be my biggest concern. Owning multiple condos and homes will definitely throw off the paparazzi. Now that Rihanna is a mother with baby number 2 on the way, privacy and security are even more important than ever!  


Rihanna’s Barbados Home

When Rihanna’s back home visiting relatives in her home country of Barbados, she stays at her 10,000 square foot luxury condo. It’s a beautiful 5 bedroom, beachfront condo with panoramic water views that she purchased for an eye-popping $21 million! Rihanna’s Barbados condo is located in Paynes Bay. My guess is with a new baby and baby number 2 on the way, Rihanna will probably start to feel cramped in a 5 bedroom condo! My bet is she will buy the condo next door and combine it into a 10 bedroom condo for her growing family! 

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