Where does Taylor Swift Live?

Where Does Taylor Swift Live?

I absolutely love Taylor Swift – and let’s be real, who doesn’t? I’ll never forget that unforgettable November day when I waited for hours just to find out they are sold out of Taylor Swift concert tickets! Did you know she single-handedly sold the most tickets for an artist in a single day? Taylor Swift’s fan base is massive, and will happily shell out $400 just to see her perform live. But it’s not just Taylor Swift’s ability to sell out tickets that is impressive- she’s also got some serious real estate game! I mean, have you ever wondered where Taylor Swift lives? Like many wealthy celebs, she’s got multiple homes, and they’re seriously envy-inducing. So, let me give you a sneak peek into the fabulous homes of Taylor Swift!

Tribeca (NYC)

Taylor Swift NYC Tribeca Lofts and Townhouse

Taylor Swift lives in the Sugar Loaf Building in Tribeca. Her penthouse is located at 155 Franklin Street in New York City. Taylor has actually purchased multiple penthouse lofts within the building, including two adjacent ones that she combined into a stunning 10-bedroom, 10-bathroom penthouse loft! These penthouses were previously owned by Lord of the Rings director, Peter Jackson. Taylor’s unique loft even includes a billiards room, making it the perfect spot to relax and entertain. 

But wait, there’s more! As if owning 2 adjacent penthouse lofts wasn’t enough, Taylor Swift went ahead and purchased a 1915 townhouse located right next door to her Tribeca building. This breathtaking Tribeca townhouse is estimated to be worth a whopping $18 million and comes complete with a home theater, gym, guest suite, and a beautiful terrace.

As if Taylor Swift’s Tribeca properties weren’t impressive enough, she went ahead and added another loft to her collection! This time, she purchased a stunning three-bedroom, 3,500-square-foot loft at the Sugar Loaf Building from financier Jeremy Phillips for a cool $9.75 million. 

I am completely blown away by Taylor Swift’s New York City properties! She has acquired some of the most stunning properties in the highly sought-after area of Tribeca, and it’s hard not to be a little envious of her incredible collection of homes. I mean, who wouldn’t want to live in a 10 bedroom, 10 bathroom penthouse loft with a billiards room, or a townhouse complete with a home theater, gym, guest suite, and terrace? 

Where is Tribeca?

Taylor Swift lives in Tribeca, which is a trendy neighborhood in Manhattan in New York City. Tribeca is a neighborhood in lower Manhattan with cobblestone streets, chic boutiques, and upscale restaurants. It is a popular Manhattan neighborhood for celebrities, in fact, the Tribeca building that Taylor Swift lives in is home to many famous celebrities. Orlando Bloom used to be Taylor Swift’s neighbor as well as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen! 

Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island Home

Taylor Swift also owns a beautiful mansion in Watch Hill, Rhode Island. Just a 3 hour drive from NYC, Taylor Swift can easily escape to her waterfront estate whenever she needs a break from the city. Taylor Swift’s Watch Hill estate is massive, with 8 bedrooms and a whopping 12,000 square feet of space that she purchased for $17.75 million! The best part is that it sits on the highest point in Watch Hill, so she has an amazing view of the water from her 700 feet of beachfront. Taylor Swift is known to throw amazing 4th of July parties at her Rhode Island home!

Watch Hill (Rhode Island)
Watch Hill (Rhode Island)

Where is Watch Hill, Rhode Island?

Watch Hill is a charming coastal village situated in the town of Westerly, Rhode Island. The town is renowned for its stunning sandy beaches, historic lighthouse, and the luxurious Ocean House resort. Watch Hill is a beloved vacation destination for many. It’s not surprising that Taylor Swift chose to live in Watch Hill- it’s the perfect place to unwind and escape the hustle and bustle of NYC living.

Taylor Swift’s Beverly Hills Home

Taylor Swift’s home in Los Angeles is her luxurious Beverly Hills mansion, which she purchased from the famous film producer, Samuel Goldwyn, for an incredible $25 million. Built in 1934, the estate features an impressive seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and spans an enormous 10,982 square feet.

Beverly Hills, CA
Beverly Hills, CA

Where is Beverly Hills, CA?

Beverly Hills is one of the most famous neighborhoods in California. Located within a 37 minute drive to downtown Los Angeles, Beverly Hills is a suburb of Los Angeles. Synonymous with the rich and famous lifestyle, the iconic neighborhood is home to the world-renowned Rodeo Drive and many multimillion-dollar mansions. Given its prestigious reputation, it’s not surprising that Taylor Swift and many celebrities have chosen to live in Beverly Hills. It’s truly one of the most coveted places to live in the world.

Taylor Swift’s Nashville Home

Did you know that when Taylor Swift is in Nashville, she actually has two homes to choose from? One is a gorgeous 3 bedroom penthouse duplex on Music Row with amazing floor-to-ceiling windows that let in plenty of natural light. And if she wants more space, she can always head over to her stunning Nashville mansion in the upscale suburbs of Forest Hills. Taylor Swift purchased the luxurious 4-bedroom, 5-bathroom home for $2.5 million. It has plenty of luxurious features like vaulted ceilings and marble fireplaces. Plus, there’s even a spacious 2,000 square foot guest house that’s perfect for entertaining and hosting guests!

Nashville, TN
Nashville, TN

Where is Forest Hills, TN?

Forest Hills is an affluent suburb of Nashville located in Davidson County, Tennessee. It’s an upscale neighborhood known for its large, luxurious homes and expansive estates, surrounded by tall trees and well-manicured lawns. It’s no wonder that Taylor Swift chose to live in Forest Hills, TN. She gets the best of both worlds- the peaceful life of suburban living, yet still within a quick 20-minute drive to downtown Nashville. 

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