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10 Best Costco Foods for an Elegant Mother’s Day Brunch (No Cooking)

Mother’s Day is coming up, so why not surprise Mom with a nice Mother’s Day brunch spread? Being a mother of two myself, I recently visited Costco to explore what would make a perfect Mother’s Day brunch if my kids were to throw a brunch for me. I came up with a French-inspired brunch menu that would require no cooking (except for reheating) and is sure to be a hit with your mom. Below are the Costco foods that I would love to have in my Mother’s Day brunch menu that I’m sure your mom will love too.

1. Smoked Salmon

Elevate your Mother’s Day brunch with smoked salmon. These smoked salmon will go perfectly with croissants.

Costco Smoked Salmon

2. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Make your Mother’s Day brunch special with these chocolate-covered strawberries. Trust me, your mom will love these. 

Costco Chocolate Covered Strawberries

3. Prosciutto di Parma

No Mother’s Day brunch is complete without some breakfast meat. While traditional bacon or sausage will work, prosciutto di Parma is more fitting for a French-inspired brunch. Prosciutto pairs perfectly with croissants and will add a touch of elegance to your brunch.

Costco Prosciutto
Costco Mother's Day Brunch

4. Croissants

These croissants are my favorite and at $5.99 a pack, you really can’t say no to them. They are perfect for your Mother’s Day brunch.

Costco Croissants

5. Quiche

No brunch is complete without an egg dish. These quiches are perfect for your Mother’s Day brunch spread. Each pack comes with two quiches: a Spinach and artichoke quiche and a Cheddar and broccoli quiche. The best part is that they are made with egg whites, so they are healthier egg dishes. 

Costco La Terra Fina Quiche

6. Pain Au Chocolat

Make your Mother’s Day brunch spread more bountiful and impressive by adding more pastries. These pains au chocolat are perfect, chocolate-filled croissants. Do know that they lack the flakiness you’d find in a bakery bought pain au chocolat croissant, but they are still delicious. And you can’t beat the price!

Costco Pains au Chocolat
Costco Mother's Day Brunch

7. Mini-Almond Cakes

To keep up with our French-inspired Mother’s Day brunch, add some financiers to your spread. These are mini almond cakes that are delicious. Your mom will love them. 

Costco Mini Almond Cakes

8. Mimosa

Mimosas are a must for any Mother’s Day brunch. All you need is orange juice, your favourite bubbly (champagne or prosecco), and a champagne flute. I personally recommend a 50/50 mix of sparkling wine and orange juice for the perfect mimosa. I like to use the Tropicana Orange juice from Costco since it has no pulp. 

Costco Mimosa

9. Strawberries and Cream Cake

If your mom has a sweet tooth, then you should add a delicious Strawberries and cream cake to your Mother’s Day brunch spread. This will not only make your spread look more impressive and festive but also more bountiful.

Costco Strawberries & Cream Cake

10. Jam & Nutella

Don’t forget the jam! Bonne Maman fruit spread and Nutella are a must-have for your French-inspired Mother’s Day brunch. They go perfectly with croissants.

Costco Bonne Maman & Nutella

11. Flowers

Don’t forget to get a bouquet of flowers at Costco for mom. You can find a variety of flowers at Costco at a good price. I suggest creating a nice floral arrangement for your Mother’s Day brunch. Check out my article: 10 Costco Shopping Mistakes that Waste Money for Couples and Small Families

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