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Ranking America’s Best Supermarkets- See How Your Favorite Stacks Up

What’s the best supermarket chain in America? We looked at the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), which ranks supermarkets based on various customer service benchmarks, from the ease of pickup process to quality and freshness of meat and produce to the speed of checkout process to layout and cleanliness of the store to quality of pharmacy services.  

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Best Supermarket in America

There is a 3-way tie on the best supermarket in America. The highest rated supermarkets based on customer satisfaction are Costco H-E-B and Publix, with a rating of 85 in 2024. 

Best Supermarkets Ranked by Customer Satisfaction


With a customer satisfaction rating of 85 in 2024 (up from 82 in 2023), Costco continues to be a favorite among shoppers. Known for its bulk offerings, competitive prices, and membership model, Costco operates across the United States, including locations in suburban areas, cities, and even some rural regions.



H-E-B, a Texas-based supermarket chain, boasts a strong 85 rating in 2024 (up from 81 in 2023). It serves communities primarily in Texas and northeastern Mexico. H-E-B stores are often found in urban centers, suburbs, and smaller towns.


Publix, headquartered in Florida, maintains a consistent 85 rating in 2024 (up from 82 in 2023). It operates mainly in the southeastern United States, including Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and the Carolinas. Publix stores are prevalent in both urban and suburban areas.

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s maintains its score of 84 in 2024. Known for its unique products, friendly staff, and smaller store format, Trader Joe’s has locations scattered across various states, often in urban neighborhoods.

Trader Joe's
Trader Joe’s

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club, a division of Walmart, sees an increase from 79 to 83 in 2024. These warehouse-style stores are spread throughout the country, catering to members seeking bulk purchases and discounted items.

BJ’s Wholesale Club

BJ’s, similar to Sam’s Club, offers warehouse shopping experiences. Its rating rises from 79 to 82 in 2024. BJ’s locations are primarily found in the eastern United States.


Target, a popular general merchandise retailer, maintains a rating of 82 in 2024 (up from 79 in 2023). Target stores are widespread, with a presence in urban centers, suburbs, and smaller towns.


Wegmans, known for its high-quality products and exceptional customer service, holds a rating of 82 in 2024 (up from 80 in 2023). Wegmans operates mainly in the northeastern United States, including New York, Pennsylvania, and other states.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods, owned by Amazon, maintains a rating of 82 in 2024 (up from 79 in 2023). These upscale grocery stores are located in urban areas and cater to health-conscious consumers.


Aldi, a discount supermarket chain, sees a slight increase from 80 to 81 in 2024. Aldi stores are found nationwide, emphasizing efficiency, low prices, and private-label products.


Meijer, primarily operating in the Midwest, jumps from 75 to 80 in 2024. These supercenters combine groceries, household goods, and general merchandise.


ShopRite, a cooperative of independently owned supermarkets, also rises from 75 to 80 in 2024. ShopRite stores are mainly concentrated in the northeastern United States.

Albertsons Companies

Albertsons, with a rating of 78 in 2024 (up from 74 in 2023), operates under various banners across the United States, including Albertsons, Safeway, and others.


Hy-Vee, primarily found in the Midwest, rises from 76 to 78 in 2024. Hy-Vee stores offer a mix of groceries, pharmacies, and other services.

Ahold Delhaize

Ahold Delhaize, which includes brands like Food Lion and Stop & Shop, maintains a rating of 77 in 2024 (up from 74 in 2023). These stores operate in various regions.


Kroger, one of the largest supermarket chains, holds a rating of 77 in 2024 (up from 76 in 2023). Kroger stores are widespread, serving diverse communities.

Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle, primarily in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic, rises from 73 to 76 in 2024. These supermarkets offer a mix of groceries and other services.

Save A Lot

Save A Lot maintains a rating of 75 in 2024. Save-A-Lot is a supermarket chain known for its no-frills approach. 


Walmart, a retail giant, has a rating of 74 in 2024 (up from 71 in 2023). Walmart stores are ubiquitous across the United States, serving both urban and rural areas.

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