Record snowfall in the US

Pre-Valentine Snowstorm to Cause Havoc in the Northeast (NYC, Boston)

A disruptive pre-valentine snowstorm is forecast to hit the Northeast, including parts of the New York City metro area and Boston early this week. This will break the snow drought in the Northeast, where there has been little snowfall this winter, with at least two weeks having passed since it last snowed.

Winter storm watches have already been issued for State College, Hartford, and Boston, where traveling could be challenging. The Tuesday morning commute might be affected.

The Snowiest Places in the US: Record Breaking Snowstorms

Monday Night

On Monday, as the rain and snow leaves the Southern Plains, rain will start. However, just enough cold air is expected to turn the rain into snow starting Monday night as a low-pressure system strengthens.

winter snowstorm

Tuesday: Snow Intensifies

The snow might continue from southern New England into the mid-Atlantic states on Tuesday before the storm exits by Tuesday evening. The affected areas of the Northeast should expect a potentially snowy Tuesday morning commute. If the storm moves slower, it could extend into the afternoon, causing travel difficulties. Flight delays are also likely at the major Northeast hubs on Tuesday.

Winter Storm

I-95 Corridor Snow Accumulation

Parts of the Interstate 95 corridor, including Boston, could receive more than 5 inches of snow, while New York could see up to 3 inches of snow.

Record snowfall in the US

Pre-Valentines Storm Ends the Northeast Snow Drought

The pre-valentine snow storm is expected to end the Northeast Snow Drought. Boston, New York City, and Pittsburgh each have season-to-date snowfall deficits of at least 15 inches through Feb. 8. New York’s 2.3 inches is slightly more than last year’s record-low pace when only 0.4 inches had fallen.

Syracuse, New York, which is typically snowy, is the most striking of all. Their 28-inch seasonal total sounds impressive, but it’s 55 inches, or over 4.5 feet, behind their average pace. It’s their lowest season-to-date total in 91 years. 

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The Snowiest Places in the US: Record Breaking Snowstorms

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