Costco Graduation Party

16 Costco Graduation Party Food Ideas that’s Easy and Affordable

Are you throwing a graduation party? Whenever I’m hosting a party, I always head to Costco- from party food platters to party appetizers, Costco makes it easy to throw an affordable graduation party. Here are the best Costco graduation party food ideas. 

Costco Graduation Party Food Ideas

Caprese Skewers

Mozzarella tomatoes are my go-to party appetizers. If I’m short on time, I just serve the marinated fresh mozzarella balls with grape tomatoes in a bowl, and that’s it.  But if I want to make the presentation a bit fancier, I’ll put them on little skewers and make caprese skewers. They’re the perfect appetizers for graduation parties.

Costco Mozzarella and Tomatoes

Mozzarella Appetizers

These artisan wraps will be a big hit at your graduation party. They are perfect bite-sized appetizers available in three flavors. The wraps consist of fresh mozzarella wrapped in pepperoni, prosciutto, and sopressata. The best part is that no preparation is needed; just serve them on a nice platter, and you’re all set!

Costco Artisan Wraps

Chips and Guacamole

Chips and guacamole are always a hit at any party, especially graduation parties. Costco has the best price on tortilla chips and guacamole, so whenever I’m hosting a party, I will buy them there. 

Costco Chips and Guacamole

Tzatziki, Hummus and Naan

I like to add a little Mediterranean-inspired meze platter to the buffet table. I will assemble a platter with tzatziki, mini-naan bread, an assortment of olives, and hummus. It’s perfect for grazing during your graduation party. 

Costco Mediterranean platter


Potstickers make for a simple and crowd-pleasing appetizer for your graduation party. They’re a hit with both kids and adults, and they’re filling, too. 

Costco Potstickers

Shrimp Cocktail

Make your graduation party extra special by serving shrimp cocktail. Costco has the best price on shrimp cocktails. If you have a lot of guests, order the party platter size for $39.99 (serves 20-24 people).

Costco shrimp platter
Costco Graduation Party Food ideas

Mini Corn Dogs

Mini corn dogs are easy appetizers to serve at your graduation party. Both adults and kids will love them!

Costco Mini Corn Dogs

Caesar Salad

You can’t go wrong serving Caesar salad at your graduation party. It’s always a hit and holds up well on the buffet table, staying fresh throughout the event. I will either buy the Costco Caesar salad or the bag Caesar salad. I do feel like the salad in the clam shell looks fresher!

Costco Caesar Salad

Chicken Alfredo

The Costco chicken alfredo is an easy and delicious pasta dish perfect for your graduation party. Although Costco packages the chicken alfredo in a small tray, you can easily transfer it to a 9×13 casserole dish, which it completely fills. I usually buy several chicken Alfredo trays and serve them in 9×13 casseroles or chafing dishes at my parties.

Costco Chicken Alfredo


Burgers are a hit at graduation parties. I like to serve grass-fed, frozen beef patties on Martin’s hamburger buns. These buns are my favorite because they’re made of potato bread, which gives them a soft and moist texture. I always get them from Costco because they offer the best price. Whenever I host a party, Costco is my go-to place to buy them.

Costco Burger Platters

Sandwich Platter

Simplify hosting by ordering an Artisan Bread Sandwich platter from Costco. For just $49.99, you can feed 18 to 20 people with a variety of sandwiches featuring roasted chicken, roast beef, tomatoes, and herb aioli.

Costco Sandwich Platter


No graduation party is complete without a cake. Ordering a sheet cake from Costco is really affordable. It cost $24.99 for a half sheet cake which feeds 48 people. You can choose from white cake or chocolate cake. They will decorate it in a Graduation theme. One cake can easily feed your entire party! 

Costco Cake


Order a cookie platter from Costco for your graduation party dessert. For just $22.99, you’ll get a big platter with 60 cookies. It comes in four flavors: chocolate chip cookies, white chocolate double nut, oatmeal raisin and white chocolate cranberry. Keep in mind that this cookie platter is not allergy-friendly, it contains macadamia and cashew nuts.

Costco Cookies

Polar Seltzer

Your grad is sure to love the packaging of these limited edition Polar Seltzers. They give that bubbly taste you crave without being overly sweet. They are sure to be a hit at your graduation celebration!

Costco Polar Seltzer

Honest Kids Juice Boxes

These Honest Kids juice boxes are my go-to juice boxes. I appreciate that they’re organic and contain less sugar than other juice box options. They also taste great, making them perfect for graduation parties. 

Costco Honest Kids


Don’t forget flowers for the grad. Costco sells a range of floral bouquets at great prices, some of which come arranged with a vase. They will make a beautiful addition to the buffet table and serve as a lovely centerpiece at your graduation party.

Costco Flowers

Candy Bar

You can easily make a candy bar at your graduation party. Just have your grad pick his/her favorite candies at Costco and then display them in clear vases. Voila!

Costco Candies
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