Best New England Roadside Hot Dog Stands in CT

super duper weenie hot dog stand ct

Hot Dogs with a side of fries and an ice cold drink? Summer is not complete without a stop at a quintessential roadside Hot Dog Stand. If your idea of a perfect summer day includes a stop at a New England roadside Hot Dog stand, then this is the guide for you. Connecticut is home to many Hot Dog Stands. Plan a New England Hot Dog road trip this summer! Here are the best Hot Dog Stands in CT.

Hot Dog Stands in Greenwich, CT

Joey B’s at 118 River Road Ext, Cos Cob, CT 06807. Phone: 203-661-0573

Joey B’s is a hot dog stand known for its famous chili dogs. It’s a local favorite located in Cos Cob, CT (Town of Greenwich). You will want more the moment you bite into the perfectly cooked hot dog. There are over 10 different types of hot dogs to choose from offering a variety of toppings such as chili, sauerkraut, bacon, cheese, cherry peppers, pico de gallo, coleslaw, BBQ sauce and pickles. You can also get Hamburgers, Wraps, Melts and Breakfast favorites at this Greenwich favorite.

JoeyB's Hot dog stand ct

Hot Dog Stands in Fairfield, CT

Super Duper Weenie at 306 Black Rock Turnpike, Fairfield, CT. Phone: 203-334-3647

Super Duper Weenie is the go-to hot dog stand in Fairfield, CT. Known for their famous split grilled hotdog cooked perfectly so it’s crisp outside and juicy inside. Top your hot dogs with sauerkraut, bacon, chili, sweet relish, coleslaw, hot relish and more. The chili, sweet relish and coleslaw are homemade. If you want one of the best hot dogs in CT, then Super Duper Weenie a must try!

super duper weenie hot dog stand ct
Photo Credit: Super Duper Weenie

Rawley’s Drive-In at 1886 Post Road, Fairfield, CT. Phone: 203-259-9023

Rawley’s Drive-In is a hot dog stand in Fairfield, CT. The hotdogs are deep fried and then finished off on the grill. You get the snap every time you bite into the perfectly cooked Hummel Hot Dog at Rawley’s Drive-In. It’s a popular hot dog stand for locals and has gained a loyal national following over the years and is known as one of the best hot dogs in CT. The Chili Dog and Chili Cheese Dog are a must try. You can also order burgers, shakes, chicken tenders and fried clam strips at Rawley’s.

rawley's drive in hot dog stand
Photo Credit: Rawley’s Drive In

Hot Dog Stands in Cheshire, CT

Blackie’s at 2200 Waterbury Road, Cheshire, CT. Phone: (203) 699-1819

Blackie’s is an award winning hot dog stand in Cheshire, CT. The moment you hear the snap when you bite into the perfectly crisp outside, juicy inside hotdog at Blackie’s you will understand why they received so many accolades for their hot dogs. The menu at Blackie’s is simple, just hot dogs with 3 toppings (hot pepper relish, ketchup and mustard) and burgers and sides. They don’t even serve French Fries! Make sure to top your hot dog with their famous homemade hot pepper relish! Definitely add Blackie’s to your list Hot Dog Stands to try if you are looking for the best hot dogs in CT.

blackie's hot dog stands ct
Photo Credit: Blackie’s

Hot Dog Stands in Hamden, CT

Glenwood Drive-In at 2538 Whitney Avenue, Hamden, CT. Phone: 203-281-0604

Glenwood Drive-In is a popular hot dog stand in Hamden, CT. Stop by Glenwood Drive-In to try their famous char-grilled Hot Dogs. Order the chili dog. Don’t expect charm at this old fashioned, diner style hot dog stand but you will be wowed when you take a bite of the hot dogs! They also serve burgers, sandwiches and fried seafood at Glenwood Drive-In. Definitely give Glenwood Drive-In a try for one of the best hot dogs in CT!

glenwood drive in hot dog stands
Photo: Glenwood Drive-In

Hot Dog Stand in Newington, CT

Doogie’s at Berlin Turnpike, Newington, CT. Phone: 860-666-3747

Doogie’s is a popular hot dog stand in Newington, CT. Doogie’s is known for their unique 2 foot long hot dogs! Top your hot dog with a variety of toppings-sauerkraut, chili, toasted garlic, BBQ pulled pork, coleslaw, bacon and more! You can also order Fried Seafood platters, Burgers, Cheese Steaks and Sandwiches at Doogie’s. As the only Hot Dog Stand in CT serving 2 foot long hot dogs, you should definitely stop at Doogie’s during your New England Hot Dog Road Trip!

doogie's hot dog stand ct
Photo Credit: Doogie’s

Hot Dog Stands in New Britain, CT

Capitol Lunch at 510 Main Street, New Britain, CT. Phone:  860-229-8237

Capitol Lunch is a popular hot dog stand in New Britain, CT. Your New England Hot Dog Road Trip is not complete without a visit to this no-frills CT Hot Dog Stand. Capitol Lunch or as the regulars call it “Cappy’s” is known for their signature Greek style meat sauce topping. Grilled hot dog topped with mustard, diced onions and the famous Greek style meat sauce- that is the famous Cappy’s hot dog! Definitely a must-try if you are looking for the best hot dogs in CT!

capitol lunch hot dog stand ct
Photo Credit: Capitol Lunch

Hot Dog Stands in New London, CT

Kamp Dog at 15 Broad Street, New London, CT. Phone: 860-443-3000

Kamp Dog is a popular restaurant in New London, CT known for it’s hot dogs. If you like spicy, then you must try the hot dog at Kamp Dog. Kamp Dog’s signature dish is the Kamp Dog. Grilled hot dog topped with homemade Dynamite Sauce, cheese, and onions on butter-grilled New England roll. The Dynamite Sauce is their signature sauce known to be spicier than chili. For “A Fine New England Weinery!” you must try Kamp Dog for one of the best hot dogs in CT!

kamp dog hot dog stand ct
Photo Credit: Kamp Dog

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