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10 Things To Know When Swimming with Pigs in the Bahamas (pictures)

Are you thinking of Swimming with Pigs in the Bahamas? Here are 10 things to know when swimming with pigs in the Bahamas. 

10 Things to Know When Swimming with Pigs in the Bahamas

1. The Famous Bahamas Swimming Pigs Live in Exuma

The world-famous swimming pigs of the Bahamas live in Big Major Cay or Pig Beach. Pig Beach is located in the Exuma section of the Bahamas which is 2 hours by boat from Nassau. There are around 20 wild pigs and piglets that live on Pig Beach.

Swimming with Pigs at Pig Beach Exuma
Swimming with Pigs at Pig Beach Exuma

2. There are Several Islands in The Bahamas to Swim with Pigs

There are several islands in The Bahamas where you can swim with pigs. You can swim with pigs in Exuma, home of the original swimming pigs. Other islands with their own swimming pigs are Freeport Grand Bahama, Eleuthera, Rose Island and Abaco. 

3. Rose Island is the Closest to Nassau for Swimming with Pigs 

Rose Island is the closest island to Nassau for swimming with pigs. Sandy Toes Rose Island is only a 25 minutes boat ride from Nassau. The pigs at Rose Island are not wild pigs. After swimming with pigs, you can spend the day relaxing at the beach on Rose Island, kayaking or snorkeling. 

4. Pig Beach is the Furthest to Nassau for Swimming with Pigs

It takes approximately 2-3 hours by boat to get from Nassau to Pig Beach in Exuma. However, if you have the time, it is worth seeing the original world famous swimming pigs! But if you don’t have time or don’t want to go travel far, you can go to closer spots such as Rose Island to swim with pigs.

5. You Can Feed the Swimming Pigs

Feeding the swimming pigs is part of the experience. Bring food scraps like apples, bread and carrots. Your tour operator will probably also have food to feed the pigs as well. As your boat approaches the island, you will see both adult pigs and piglets excitedly swimming toward your boat in hopes of being fed. 

Swimming with Pigs at Pig Beach Exuma
Feeding Pigs at Pig Beach

6. You Can Get Injured When You Feed the Swimming Pigs

It’s possible to get injured while feeding the swimming pigs. Pigs have bad vision so they may accidentally bite your fingers and step on your toes. And in the feeding excitement, they may get too close to you.

7. You are Allowed to Carry the Piglets

You are allowed to carry the adorable piglets for a sweet photo op. Be aware that the piglet may squeal and get frightened when picked up. Don’t drop them. Gently set the piglet down.  

8. Camera Phones Can Get Mistaken for Food

Be careful when you take selfies with the swimming pigs, they may mistake your camera phone as food. Pigs have bad eyesight and are constantly hungry and seeking food! It’s best not to take selfies with the swimming pigs.

9. Kids Can Get Scared Swimming with Pigs

Kids can get scared while swimming with the pigs. Adult pigs typically weigh between 300-700 pounds (140-300 Kg) and can get aggressive during feeding time. Keep your children safe by keeping them away from the feeding frenzy and large adult pigs. It’s probably best not to let your kids feed the pigs because they may accidentally get bitten.

Swimming with Pigs at Pig Beach Exuma
Swimming with Pigs at Pig Beach Exuma

10. Mornings are the Best Time to Go Swimming with Pigs

Try to go in the morning to swim with pigs. They are most active in the morning and will eagerly approach you and interact with you. If you go in the afternoon, sometimes the pigs are full or napping so you will not get as much interaction with the pigs.

How to Book Your Bahamas Swimming with Pigs Excursion

You can book your swimming with pigs excursion through your hotel’s concierge or check for prices, availability and book your swimming with pigs excursion through the following links below.

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10 Things To Know When Swimming with Pigs in the Bahamas (pictures)

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