Costco summer cheese

16 Must-Have Costco Summer Finds that You’ll Want Right Now

Get ready because the summer stock at Costco has arrived! Check out these amazing Costco summer finds that I’m currently obsessed with. You’ll want to buy them for summer!

What to Buy at Costco this Summer

1. Red, White and Blue Cheese

I love these star-shaped red, white, and blue cheeses. They’re perfect for a cheese plate at summer parties! They come in three delicious flavors: cheddar chili, Vintage Reserve Cheddar, and White Stilton with Blueberry.

Costco summer cheese

2. Tommy Bahama Patio Cooler

This Tommy Bahama Patio Cooler is perfect for backyard summer parties.  It’s super convenient for keeping all the drinks cold by the pool or on the patio. Since it’s a rolling cooler, you can easily move it around, and it even comes with a built-in bottle opener. At $199.99, it’s definitely on my wishlist. I’m waiting for it to go on sale before buying it! 

Costco Patio Cooler

3. Pool Lounge Floatie

This pool lounge float is perfect for summer days in the pool. With its high back and lounge-like shape, you can relax comfortably, and it even has a built-in cup holder so you can enjoy your drink while lounging in the pool.

Costco Pool Lounge Floatie
Costco summer finds

4. Pool Noodle Sling

This pool noodle sling is brilliant. It’s like using a pool noodle, but it’s even better because it has a built-in seat. You can comfortably sit in the noodle sling, making it perfect for relaxing in the pool with your body submerged in the water.

Costco Noodle Sling

5. Cooling Pillows

This is no ordinary memory foam pillow – it’s also a cooling pillow. It provides excellent support while also offering a refreshing feeling when you rest on it. Ideal for the summer season! Currently, it’s on sale for $27.99, down from the regular price of $34.99.

Costco Cooling Pillow

6. Microfiber Sheet Set

Can you believe the price of these microfiber sheet sets? They are incredibly soft, and the prints are absolutely gorgeous. You just can’t miss out on this deal – it’s only $7.99 for a twin or full sheet set, $12.99 for a queen sheet set, and $15.99 for a king sheet set. How can you say no to these prices?

Costco Microfiber Sheet set

7. Polar Seltzer

I’m loving these limited edition Polar Seltzers for summer. They come in sleek, stylish cans and are available in 5 fun summer flavors: papaya breeze, raspberry limoncello, seaside watermelon punch, peach iced tea, and strawberry creme. They are absolutely perfect for summer!

Costco Polar Seltzer

8. Asian Noodle Salad

I can’t get enough of this Asian noodle salad. It’s a wonderfully refreshing cold salad, perfect for summer lunches and parties.

Costco Asian Noodle Salad

9. Sam Adams Summer Beer

The summer beers are now available at Costco. I’m loving the Sam Adams Beers of Summer variety pack. This special edition includes refreshing summer flavors like Cherry Wheat, Pool Party, Summer Ale, and Porch Rocker. You can get a 24-can case for $33.99.

Costco Sam Adams Summer Beer

10. Kirkland Sangria

This Sangria from Costco is an absolute steal. At just $7.99 per bottle, you can’t find a better price anywhere else! It’s ideal for summer – a perfect addition to any summer gathering or BBQ when served with fruit slices. So refreshing!

Costco Sangria

11. Axe Throwing Game

This Axe Throwing game is perfect for the backyard this summer. It’s an addictive game. Plus, it’s totally safe for both kids and adults because the axes are made of foam and aren’t sharp at all!

Costco Axe Throw

12. Cornhole Set

What could be better than a game of classic cornhole in your backyard? It’s sure to keep both adults and kids entertained this summer.

Costco Cornhole

13. Folding Wagon

This folding wagon makes going to the beach so much easier. It’s incredibly convenient for transporting all your beach essentials from the car to the beach. You can easily load your beach chairs, towels, beach bags, and cooler onto the wagon, and its large wheels make it perfect for the sand.

Costco Wagon

Costco is selling it for $89.99, which is a fantastic deal. The wagon feels really durable and well-made. Even though I already have one at home, I’m seriously considering buying another because this folding wagon feels sturdier than the one I have at home.

14. Kids Bath and Beach Hooded Towel

These Kids hooded towels are perfect for the beach or pool. They are super soft and come in four different prints that kids will love—dinosaurs, unicorns, sharks, and rainbows! Plus, the price is great—just $11.99 each.

Costco Kids Hooded Towels

15. Power Station

This portable power station is amazingly lightweight and powerful. It’s perfect for summer camping trips. Plus, it’s a handy tool for jump starting cars in emergencies, as well as inflating bike tires and balls. It’s on sale at Costco right now for just $99.99. 

Costco Power station

16. BBQ Pan

This brilliant BBQ pan is ideal for grilling this summer. It’s perfect for keeping small foods like shrimp and vegetables from falling through the grill, which can be a hassle. Each pan costs $19.99.

Costco BBQ Pan

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