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24 Must Buy at Costco for a Summer BBQ Party

Are you throwing a backyard BBQ party this summer? It’s not too early to start planning! From the best Costco BBQ foods to drinks and games, below are the best things to buy at Costco for your upcoming summer BBQ party.

What to Buy at Costco for Summer Backyard BBQ

1. Burgers

A summer backyard BBQ isn’t complete without burgers. I like these chuck and short rib beef burgers. They are premium burger patties that come refrigerated, not frozen. 

Costco Rastelli's Chuck Short Rib Burger

If I’m throwing a big party, I usually serve these grass-fed, frozen beef patties because they’re less expensive.  

Costco Grass-Fed Beef Patties

2. Hotdogs

I always stock up on hotdogs from Costco because they have the best prices. My favorite is the Sabrett hotdogs. They are perfect for summer backyard BBQs. Just throw them on the grill, and they’re good to go!

Costco Sabrett

3. Kirkland Brats

I like to serve a variety of sausages and bratwursts at my outdoor BBQs. These Kirkland brats are a must-have at all my summer gatherings.

Costco Kirkland Brats

4. Premio Hot Italian Sausage

I like to serve these hot Italian sausage with onion and peppers. They are perfect for sautéing in my BBQ pan (see below).

Costco Hot Italian Sausage

5. BBQ Pan

These BBQ pans work wonders on the grill, especially when grilling shrimp and vegetables. They’re perfect for keeping food from slipping through the grill grates, which always bothers me. Each of these pans is priced at $19.99.

Costco BBQ Pan

6. Rastelli’s Filet Mignon

What better way to impress your guests than to serve them filet mignon? If I’m hosting an intimate, small backyard BBQ and want to impress my guests, these bacon-wrapped filet mignon are what I serve.

Costco Filet Mignon

7. Tuscan Bean Salad

I like to serve an assortment of salads. These Summer Fresh Tuscan Bean salads are my go-to salads. They are perfect for backyard BBQs.

Costco Tuscan Bean Salad
Costco BBQ Party

8. Coleslaw

You can’t throw a summer backyard BBQ without serving coleslaw. I always have a tub of these at my BBQs.

Costco Coleslaw

9. Potato Salad

I also like to serve these potato salads at my summer BBQs.

Costco Potato Salad

10. Pickles

Pickles are the perfect sides for my backyard summer BBQs. 

Costco Pickles

11. Sweet Corn

Grilled corn is a crowd-pleaser, especially for outdoor summer backyard BBQs.

Costco Sweet Corn

12. Martin’s Hot Dog and Hamburger Buns

Martin’s hot dog and hamburger buns are my go-to buns. They are never dry. Costco has the best prices on hot dogs and hamburger buns.

Costco Martin's Hamburger buns

13. GoodPop

These GoodPop Cherry Lemonade popsicles are perfect for summer BBQ parties. They come in a patriotic red, white, and blue color scheme, making them perfect for summer. I’m happy that they’re not loaded with sugar, and as a parent of a child with a nut allergy, I’m grateful to have a safe dessert option for him to enjoy! They’re only available during the Spring and summer months, so I always make sure to stock up whenever I see them. 

Costco GoodPop Cherry Lemonade

14. Watermelon

Costco has the best price on watermelon—$8.99 for a jumbo one! Keep it simple by slicing it into triangles for easy serving, or cube it up and serve it in individual plastic cups.

Costco watermelon

15. Tommy Bahama Patio Cooler

This Tommy Bahama Patio Cooler is on my wishlist. I love that it has wheels, is big, and is perfect for my backyard BBQ this summer! At $199.99, I’m waiting for it to go on sale before buying it! 

Costco Patio Cooler

16. Kirkland Sangria

I love serving Kirkland sangria at my summer BBQs. I serve it out of clear beverage dispensers with fruit slices and ice cubes, and that’s it—so easy and refreshing, too. For $7.99 a bottle, you just can’t beat the price!

Costco Sangria

17. Paulanar Hefeweizen

I always stock up on beer for my summer BBQs at Costco. I like to get a variety, but my top pick is the Paulaner Hefeweizen. It’s a tasty wheat beer that’s really refreshing. A case of 24 bottles is just $29.99.

Costco Paulanar Hefeweizen

18. Spindrift Sparkling Water

I absolutely love these flavored sparkling waters. They have a wonderful taste without being too sweet. Now that my son has started enjoying fizzy drinks, I’m happy to have these at home for him. They’re just perfect for a summer backyard BBQ!

Costco Spindrift

19. Honest Kids Juice Boxes

These Honest Kids juice boxes are my go-to juice boxes. I appreciate that they’re organic and contain less sugar compared to other juice box options. The also taste great, my kids love them. They are perfect for summer backyard BBQs!

Costco Honest Kids

20. Axe Throwing Game

This Axe Throwing game is perfect for a summer backyard BBQ party. It will keep both adults and kids entertained!

Costco Axe Throw

21. Cornhole Set

Organizing outdoor activities is a great idea when hosting a backyard BBQ. And what could be better than a game of classic cornhole? It’s sure to keep both adults and kids entertained.

Costco Cornhole

22. Sprinkler Pad

This sprinkler pad is an inexpensive and easy way to keep the little ones entertained at your summer backyard BBQ. You can’t beat the $19.99 price of this sprinkler pad. Not only will it help keep the kids cool, but it will also provide lots of water play. Setting it up is a breeze—simply attach your sprinkler!

Costco Sprinkler Pad

23. Water Table

This water table is perfect for summer backyard BBQs. They will keep the kids busy while the parents can relax nearby. This water table is $69.99 at Costco. 

Costco Water table

24. Outdoor Insect Trap

Insects are a nuisance at summer backyard BBQ parties. To keep mosquitoes and flies away, outdoor insect traps are a good idea. These traps are on sale for $54.99 (regular price $69.99), and they cover ½ acres. 

Costco Outdoor Insect Trap

25. Bunch O Balloons

Have a water balloon fight at your backyard BBQ party. Bunch O Balloons makes it easy. Just connect it to your hose and it quickly fills numerous balloons in seconds. They even tie themselves, making water balloon preparation a breeze. A fun way to entertain and cool down your guests at your party. Check out: 19 Things Cheaper at Costco Than Anywhere Else

Costco Bunch O Balloons

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