How to store and protect vinyl records

Is Your Vinyl Collection at Risk? Learn How to Store and Protect Your Vinyl Records

Vinyl records can be expensive, especially if you have an entire collection of them. Because of that, odds are you’re probably going to want to know how to protect your vinyl records. Many people don’t know the proper ways to protect their vinyl records, though, as there can be a lot that goes into record upkeep.

Keeping your vinyl protected can ensure that your album continues to play properly and that your record collection will last. So, to keep your vinyl records (and your wallet) safe, here are tips on how to store and protect your vinyl records:

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How to Store and Protect Your Vinyl Records

1. Consider adding sleeves to your vinyl record’s packaging

Adding a sleeve to the inner part of your vinyl record packaging (where the record goes) can help the record from getting scratched from the packaging or any small debris that may come in contact with it.

Protect vinyl with sleeves
Protect vinyl with sleeves

Also, adding a sleeve to the outer part of the packaging helps make sure that the cover of your records remains in great condition.

2. Be careful in handling vinyl records

Vinyl records can be surprisingly delicate. Because of that, you should always be careful in how you handle them. Many people do not know that touching the middle part of a record can cause it to get dirty and potentially scratched due to unnecessary dirt coming in contact with the grooves of the record. Keeping that in mind, you should always be mindful in your handling of vinyl records and try to only grab them from the edges.

Don't touch the middle
Don’t touch the middle

3. Clean vinyl records regularly

As with most things, it is always a good idea to clean your vinyl records fairly regularly. This helps to prevent any damage that might occur and keeps your vinyl records sounding as perfect as possible. There are special vinyl record cleaning supplies available online or in many record stores that help to clean your vinyl record without damaging it in the process.

Clean Your Vinyl
Clean Your Vinyl

4. Make sure to store vinyl records vertically, not horizontally

This is another interesting fact that most people aren’t aware of, but vinyl records should only be stored vertically, not horizontally. This means if you’re stacking your vinyl records on top of each other, it can cause pressure on the records at the bottom of the stack and lead to them becoming warped in the long term.

Don't stack vinyl horizontally
Don’t Stack Vinyl Horizontally

Proper storage is key to protecting your vinyl, and keeping your vinyl records vertical is important.

5. Store vinyl records in lower temperatures with less humidity

If you can, try to keep your vinyl records in a room that doesn’t go above 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. High temperatures increase the chance of your vinyl records becoming warped, and temperatures lower than 45F can cause them to become cracked as well.

Store at 65-70F
Store at 65-70F

Also, try to avoid storing your vinyl records in a room that gets high humidity. They can become moldy due to excess moisture in the air coming in contact with the vinyl. Keeping a temperature-controlled area for your records is best for them in the long term.

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