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I’m 22 Years Old. Here is Why I Started a Vinyl Record Collection

For many people in my generation, record collecting has become the primary way to consume physical music. Record collecting has become not just a way to listen to music, but a hobby and a way to find a connection with the music that you listen to.

Why I started a Vinyl Record Collection
Why I started a Vinyl Record Collection

I first started collecting vinyl records when I was 19, and since then my collection has continued to grow. Like many, I started out not knowing much about records, but as I continued, I found more and more reasons to collect them. Many ask how I first started collecting records, though, so to explain, here is why I started a vinyl record collection.

Why I Started Collecting Vinyl Records

1. Record Collecting Allows me to Physically Own the Music I Love

In the era of streaming, music often is treated as less of a genuine product and something less tangible. Vinyl (and other physical media) allows the owner to be able to experience an album as a physical object taking up real space. Getting to own the album just gives me more of a connection to it and makes it feel more special to me.

Vinyl Records
Vinyl Records

2. The Variants and Collector’s Element to Vinyl Records

One of the fun parts about collecting vinyl records is the variant aspect to them. Nowadays, nearly every new release comes in multiple different colors and designs of vinyl. Getting to find the variant that appeals to me most makes records the most exciting form of physical media.

It makes consuming the record a more personal experience than having the standard black vinyl, especially if it’s a rare variant that I had to search for.

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3. Buying Vinyl Records Help me to Support the Artists I Listen To

By buying the physical versions of an album, I am directly supporting an artist and their music. Streaming an artist’s album only does so much, as the equivalent to one vinyl sale is 1,500 streams.

Because of this, artists make much more off of physical media than they do streaming, so if I have a particular musician or album that I enjoy, I’m more likely to buy their record knowing that I’m supporting what they’re putting out.

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Vinyl Record Player
Vinyl Record Player

4. I Feel More Attached to the Album if I Physically Own it

If I own an album, I tend to feel more attached to it. Because I only buy the albums I genuinely love, I usually already have a connection with it, and thus owning it increases that connection.

To me, physically having the album makes it an entirely different experience than just streaming it, and being able to hold it makes the album feel less like something I’m merely just consuming and more of a substantial piece of art that I can own and add to my collection.

Vinyl Records
Vinyl Records

5. The Sound Quality is the Best on Vinyl

Although I’m not as big on the technical aspect of vinyl records, there’s no denying that the sound quality is the best. Many people who collect vinyl records choose to do so because of the audio quality, and more serious collectors tend to buy every single album they listen to on vinyl for the superior sound.

Because of that, I know that when I listen to a record, I’m getting the best possible sounding audio of my favorite albums.

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I’m 22 Years Old. Here is Why I Started a Vinyl Record Collection

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Elijah Cross is a 22-year-old writer in Orange County, California. Originally from Tennessee, he moved to Irvine to pursue a career in media in hopes to become an author. In his free time, he enjoys thrift shopping, record collecting, and occasionally skating.

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