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New Canaan Metro North: Everything You Need to Know

Like most Fairfield County towns, parking at the New Canaan Metro North train stations can be challenging. There are multi-year waitlists to obtain parking permits at New Canaan’s Metro-North train stations. Here is our guide to New Canaan Metro-North Train Station Parking.

New Canaan has 2 Metro North stations

New Canaan residents are lucky to have two Metro North stations. The two Metro North train stations in New Canaan are the New Canaan station and the Talmadge Hill station. Both stations are branches of Metro-North New Haven line and depending on the train schedule, you may have to transfer at the Stamford Metro North station.

Commute from New Canaan, CT to New York City

The Metro North train ride from New Canaan station to Grand Central Terminal is approximately 1 hour 10 minutes to 1 hour 33 minutes. While the train ride from Talmadge Hill station to Grand Central Terminal is approximately 1 hour 5 minutes to 1 hour 28 minutes.

New Canaan Metro North

New Canaan Metro-North Train Station Parking Permit Waitlist

Currently, there is no wait to get a parking permit at the Talmadge Hill station. The waitlist ranges from 3-7 years to obtain a parking permit at the New Canaan Metro-North station.  I suggest adding your name to the New Canaan Metro North station parking permit waitlist as soon as you can. We’ve heard of new New Canaan residents adding their name to the parking permit waitlist the day of their closing! (It’s not a bad idea!) You can call 203-594-3040 to get the most up-to-date parking permit information.

Daily Parking at New Canaan Metro North Train Stations

Daily parking spots are available at both New Canaan stations for $5.00 per day.  The New Canaan parking lots fill up by the first two trains and the Talmadge Hill lot usually fills up by the 8:01am train.  Another parking option is to buy a permit to park for the day at one of the unoccupied parking spaces in the permit lots of Richmond Hill lot and Talmadge Hill lot. Daily parking permits are only available to New Canaan residents and the cost is $7 per day. New Canaan residents are only allowed to use daily parking permits a maximum of 2x a week. Daily parking permits are intended for occasional commuters that is why they set a weekly limit. New Canaan residents can purchase a 10 pack and replenish as needed.

Weekend Parking at New Canaan Metro North stations

Weekend parking is free at both New Canaan Metro-North train station and Talmadge Hill Metro-North station. Parking is also free on Holidays.

Note: Parking regulations and fees do change, please check with Metro North to confirm the latest rates and regulations.

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