Thinking of Living in Summit, NJ? (Infograph)

Are you thinking of living in Summit, NJ?  Summit is a municipality in New Jersey’s Union County with a population of approximately 22,719 and a mean household income of $266,124.

Below are demographics and household data that you will find useful if you are thinking of living in Summit, NJ. The information presented in this article are based on data from the US Census American Community Survey.

Summit NJ Infographics

Summit, NJ Infographics
Summit, NJ Infographics

What’s So Great About Living in Summit, NJ

Easy Commute to NYC

If you want an easy commute to NYC, it’s a good idea to live in a New Jersey town with a train station to NYC. There is a train station in Summit. The train ride from Summit to New York Penn Station is 41 minutes. 

Bustling Downtown

Summit has a lively downtown with a diverse range of restaurants, from fine dining to Asian, Italian, and diner-style eateries. Summit Downtown is also easily walkable, perfect for ex-city dwellers!

Near Newark Airport

Located just 20 minutes away from Newark Airport, Summit is conveniently located for frequent flyers.

Lots of Recreational Activities

Staying active in Summit is easy. Summit has excellent recreational facilities such as Memorial Field, which features tennis, soccer, and basketball courts, as well as a playground. There’s also a municipal pool, the Summit YMCA, and a 9-hole municipal golf course.

Botanical Garden in Summit

For nature and wellness enthusiasts, it’s a big plus to have a botanical garden right in town. The Reeves-Reed Arboretum is a beautiful botanical garden in Summit. 

Reeves-Reed Arboretum hosts a variety of family programs, including summer camp, kids cooking classes, yoga, and hiking.

What is the Population of Summit, NJ?

The population of Summit, NJ is approximately 22,719.

Are Summit Residents Well Educated?

71% of Summit residents have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher. Compare this to overall New Jersey where 41% of NJ residents have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher.

Is Summit, NJ Diverse?

75% of Summit residents are White, 9% of Summit residents are Asians, 14%  of Summit residents are Hispanic and 6% of Summit residents are African Americans.

Are There a Lot of Children Living in Summit, NJ?

28% of Summit residents are children under 18 years old and 7% of Summit residents are children under 5 years old. Compare this to overall New Jersey where 22% of New Jersey residents are children under 18 years old.

Is there a Large Senior Citizen Population in Summit, NJ? 

13% of Summit residents are seniors aged 65 years old and older.

Is Summit, NJ a Wealthy Town in New Jersey?

Yes, Summit is a wealthy town in New Jersey. Summit has a mean household income of $266,124. Compare this to overall New Jersey where the mean household income is $124,191.

Are There a Lot of Rentals in Summit, NJ?

In Summit, 30% of housing units are rentals while 70% of housing units in Summit are owner occupied.

How Much Is Rent in Summit, NJ? 

The median gross rent in Summit is $1,880. Compare this to overall New Jersey where the median gross rent is $1,376.

Is it Expensive to Buy a House in Summit, NJ?

The Median Sale Price of homes in Summit is $1,040,000.

How Much is Property Tax in Summit, NJ?

The Average Property tax in Summit, NJ is $18,314. This is higher than the average property tax in New Jersey of $9,115. In fact, Summit has one of the highest property taxes in New Jersey.

Check out our article on NJ Property Taxes to see how Summit’s Property taxes compare to other towns.

For a complete town by town list of property tax rates, check out our article on NJ Property Tax Rates

What County is Summit, NJ located in?

Summit, NJ is in Union County.

How Big is Summit, NJ?

Summit is 6.00 square miles.

How Long is the Average Commute to Work for Summit Residents?

The mean travel time to work for Summit residents is 38 minutes. Compare this to overall New Jersey where the average time to work is 33 minutes.

Data Source: US Census American Community Survey

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