Best Streets for Trick or Treating in Westchester

best streets for trick or treating in Westchester

It’s that time of the year again. Halloween is around the corner! We asked locals for recommendations on the best streets for trick or treating in Westchester.

Trick or Treating in Larchmont, NY

East Brookside Drive and West Brookside Drive (The Brook area becomes packed with families trick or treating and it’s a lot of fun!)

Trick or Treating in New Rochelle, NY

Elk Avenue

Trick or Treating in Armonk, NY

Glendale Avenue and Wampus Avenue

Trick or Treating in Rye, NY

Indian Village section of Rye is great.  The streets are closed to vehicular traffic.

Trick or Treating in Harrison, NY

Park Lane in Harrison

Sunnyridge area

Trick or Treating in Scarsdale, NY

Northend section of Eastchester/ Scarsdale PO (There are a lot of ex-pat Japanese families so you can get a variety of Japanese candies.)

Trick or Treating in Bronxville, NY

Bacon Court (A townhouse community where the neighbors put on a party and it is safe for little kids because the area is enclosed and there are no cars.)

Beverly Road (Great for little kids because there are no cars.)

Trick or Treating in Rye Brook, NY

The Arbors  (A townhouse community, great for little kids)

BelleFair (A community with a few hundred homes, great for older kids, houses are more spread out than at The Arbors)

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