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6 Ideas for Halloween 2020 in Westchester

Remember when Halloween used to be fun, safe and kid-friendly? Everything has changed this year because of the Covid-19 pandemic. That doesn’t mean Halloween 2020 is canceled, we just have to adjust to the new norm. There are fun and safe activities you can do with your kids to make Halloween 2020 in Westchester memorable.

Traditional Door to Door Trick or Treating

Forget traditional door to door trick or treating this year. There are too many variables to make this a high risk activity. Do you really want your kids to stick their hands into a communal candy bowl? Can you really social distance when you are trick or treating door to door? We suggest getting dressed up and going for a walk instead. Go take a stroll at the best Westchester trick or treating streets. Set ground rules, tell your kids you are there to enjoy the Halloween decorations and NOT to trick or treat. If you need an activity, you can bring Halloween Bingo cards so your kids can look for Halloween items during your walk. Wear masks (make it fun and wear Halloween-themed masks). Maintain your social distance. And don’t forget to bring lots of candies to give to your kids!

Plan Ahead Trick or Treating

If you really must trick or treat, then you should plan ahead. Make arrangements with another family that you trust and make plans to go trick or treating at their house. It does take out the spontaneity since this is highly organized but it can be fun for little kids. Just because you are trick or treating at a trusted friend or family’s home, it doesn’t mean you forget all Covid-19 safety precautions. Do wear masks, maintain social distance, bring your hand sanitizer and stay outside (don’t go into their house).

You’ve been Booed!

This is kind of like Secret Santa but for Halloween. The idea is to deliver treats to two houses in your neighborhood, leave the treats, ring the doorbell and don’t let them see you. Then they continue the giving chain by delivering treats to two more houses in the neighborhood. It’s so much fun trying to figure out who gave the treats and planning who to surprise next. The best part is it’s safe for everyone!

halloween 2020 westchester
you've been booed

Watch a Halloween Movie

Snuggle up and watch a Halloween movie. If you have an outdoor movie projector, invite some friends and make it an outdoor movie gathering. Even if you are outdoors, you should still maintain your social distance. And wear your masks when you can’t social distance. If you don’t have an outdoor movie projector, then pop some popcorn and watch the movie indoors. Don’t invite friends and family who live outside your household if you are watching the movie indoors since that becomes a high risk activity.

halloween 2020 in westchester

Throw a Halloween Party

Why not throw a Halloween party for your kids? Decorate your home. Keep your kids busy with Halloween activities such as pumpkin decorating, cupcakes decorating and Halloween crafts. Serve fun Halloween bites and lots of candies. You will be surprised- your kids will have lots of fun even if they are the only guests at your party.

Create a Halloween Scavenger Hunt

If you have never done an in-house Scavenger hunt before then you definitely have to do it this Halloween. It will come in handy as a pandemic activity that you can recycle for other celebrations (birthday, Christmas, Hannukah etc.) The concept is easy. Write clues on index cards or post-its. Hide these clues all over your house. Give the first clue to your kids. The first clue should lead to the second clue and so on. Have them run around the house looking for all the clues. They will be rewarded with candies or prizes along the way as they go through the scavenger hunt.

Halloween 2020 in Westchester does not have to be a dud. Whatever you do, stay safe and don’t forget to follow the New York State Halloween Guidelines and the CDC Halloween Guidelines.

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